No.10 - May 2012

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EINSTEIN II user and developer day

EINSTEIN final dissemination conference

EINSTEIN in Madrid

EINSTEIN in Newcastle, Uganda and Macedonia


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To view the country-specific history of the EINSTEIN software downloads since February please visit:



Two EINSTEIN II introductory trainings in Spain during June.

Madrid on 20th - 22nd June 2012 Barcelona on 26th - 28th June 2012


For further information on the EINSTEIN II trainings in Barcelona, please contact Mr. Hans Schweiger at: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

For further information on the EINSTEIN II trainings in Madrid, please contact Ms. Maria Encinas at: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

EINSTEIN II final conference and users & developers day in Brussels, 29th-30thMay 2012, Belgium

The EINSTEIN II final dissemination conference will take place the 29th of  May in West Midlands European Centre, 22-28, Avenue d'Auderghem, 1040 Brussels.

The EINSTEIN II Users & Developers Day will be held the 30th of  May in West Midlands European Centre, 22-28, Avenue d'Auderghem, 1040 Brussels.

For more information, please contact

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Hans Schweiger
Barcelona (Spain) / Berlin (Germany)

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EINSTEIN II User and Developer Day

30 May 2012
West Midlands European Centre, Brussels

We invite you to participate in the 1st EINSTEIN User & Developer Day in Brussels on 30th of May 2012. The event brings together both already active and potentially new users and developers of EINSTEIN

LIVE STREAMING: If you are not attending in person you can still participate and follow the User and Developer Day. The event will be streamed live via this link from 9am on May 30th:

You can comment via twitter by directing comments to:

EINSTEIN IEE @EnergyAudit2 or mark your tweets #einsteiniee

The EINSTEIN user and developer day forms an important element in moving towards a community-development strategy for the EINSTEIN project.

  • Developers will present and discuss new features and plan new activities
  • Users will present and exchange experiences about the EINSTEIN methodology in practice
  • Energy auditors and other persons interested in thermal energy auditing can present their activities, tools and possible links and exchange with the EINSTEIN community

For the full agenda go to


EINSTEIN II Final Dissemination conference

29 May 2012

West Midlands European Centre, Brussels

The conference will provide a platform for the work of EINSTEIN I and II and bring together key European policy and energy stakeholders.

The final conference will seek to influence developing EU policy and understanding of the issues by seeking out EU consultation opportunities –  whereby EINSTEIN II partners can contribute to the discussions on thermal energy, namely the upcoming European Directives specifically addressed to this topic.

For the full agenda for the day please consult the EINSTEIN website:

A report on this conference will be available in the next newsletter

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EINSTEIN in Madrid

Companies in Madrid very interested in the new introductory course to EINSTEIN

Due to the success of EINSTEIN in Madrid training courses have been agreed for a new introductory EINSTEIN course to be delivered on the 20-22 June 2012 in the IFE, Institute for Business Training of Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It is the last opportunity for the community of energy professionals, auditors, engineers and technicians to learn how this advanced toolkit of audits has positioned itself as the leader for thermal audits in Europe.

Although promotion of the course has not yet begun formally there has already been significant interest with 10 professional expressing an interest in attending the MAdrid course. We are sure that like the 5 previous courses offered under the project EINSTEIN I and II and the ETEREA project this course will be a success too

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EINSTEIN in Newcastle, Uganda and Macedonia

Besides the finalization of the audits one main task of AEE  INTEC within the remaining course of the project are additional trainings. There has been introductory training in Newcastle from the 27th to the 29th of March 2012 organized by AEE  INTEC and WMES supported by Newcastle University. The target audiences were energy consultants and advisors as well as students from the University.

Furthermore there were two trainings in Uganda (17th to the 19th of April 2012) and Macedonia (24th to the 26th of April 2012) organized within the UNIDO project “Low carbon production in the agro-industry”. The project is focused on the development of methodology and approaches, training of national service providers and the implementation of resource efficient and cleaner production assessments.

The aim is to develop a low carbon module and training concept, significant enterprise level improvements particularly in regard to reduced carbon dioxide emissions, the strengthening of national capacity to provide low carbon services, and the launching of a national service provider network and a business network to secure further collaboration in this area. The training will include parts of the introductory as well as the advanced training in order to provide a wide range of information on the EINSTEIN software and methodology. Within this project EINSTEIN will be spread in more countries and hopefully, the EINSTEIN community will be extended.

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CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement planned for EINSTEIN II

One of the goals of EINSTEIN II is to develop a CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement on Good Practice for an Integrated Approach on Thermal Energy Audits. The Agreement is planned to be developed within the framework of a CEN-CENELEC Workshop to be installed in the near future.

A CEN-CENELEC Workshop offers a unique opportunity to develop documents fast and flexibly, is open to participation for anyone with an interest in the development of the agreement.

The CEN-CENELEC Workshop is to be a place where project members, developers and any other person interested in energy audits can bring their standardization and specification requirements and are given the opportunity to find a solution in an environment 'tailor-made' for their needs. The Workshop concept provides a unique opportunity for any party faced with a challenge to find others in a similar situation, and to develop a result by consensus, validated in an open arena.

The procedures for setting up and operating the workshop are deliberately kept to a minimum and all the decision-making powers rest with the interested parties themselves - the members of the Workshop. These include all market players (industry, service providers, administrations, users and consumers) and can come from any part of the globe. They are responsible for the direction of the Workshop and for the approval of the deliverables.

The business plan for the Workshop should be published soon at

Anyone can comment on the business plan, directing their comments to the address indicated on the website. The kick-off date for the Workshop will also be announced on the same site as well as on and Everyone interested in energy audits is encouraged to register and to follow the activities of the Workshop.





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